Monday, September 15, 2008 what else is new?

photo courtesy of black*star*vintage

Since this is a fashion blog, thought I'd share my latest, most vapid obsession...finding the perfect pair of fall boots, specifically, that boho chic boot that looks all weathered and worn. And since this blog is about the art and design of fashion, let me expand on the relevance of this latest obsession. How often can we find beautifully designed boots without spending over $300? Look to the 1970s and it is certainly plausible to covet shoes that are well over 20 years old. This is particularly the case with old Fryes or Dexters. Here's an example of one Frye braided boot, currently on Ebay (sadly, not my size), that my feets dream about. Where did this desire come from? Celebrity influence? The fashionistas that carry them off so well? Perhaps. I don't care. I want a pair...6 1/2 please.

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