Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ebay Chic

I've been a little Ebay crazy lately, but before you roll your eyes, first discover the vintage boutique of Shareen Vintage. Not only does she deliver California cool retro threads, she does so in the most gracious fashion. Cheers, Shareen!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

100 Years of Inspiration

100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman is a must-have for fashion illustrators looking for inspiration. It's loaded with work (something like 400 plates) by innovative artists of the past whose work could be seen today as modern and cutting-edge, and those of the present, who help to pave a future for the art form. And whether or not you like the artists, it stimulates the creative mind, opening up new ways of seeing the fashion figure and just how beautiful and eloquent it can be with a few strokes of the pen. For the fashion student, silhouettes play a big role in inspiring. Regardless, it's a treat for anyone who loves this stuff!

Fashion Post Tax-Season

If you're lucky enough to have HDTV, what with the already growing number of specialized HD channels, you may have already discovered the Fashion Channel in HD. Runway shows from all designers, classic and new, are aired to your heart's content in perfect, crystalline detail. The models and the clothes that move with them are the perfect subject for fashion sketching and illustration. The new clothes offer new silhouettes to be inspired by. Thanks to the pause button, I can take some time on the details and proportions. That makes my fancy HD system one fabulous write-off!


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